Privacy Statement

During Affinity Education Group management of this service, Affinity Education Group collects stores and uses your confidential information. This information is treated with limited confidentiality and privacy and may be disclosed to third parties as required by law and where necessary during Affinity Education Group management of this Service. This
includes the dissemination of confidential information to third parties in other service’s purpose of debt collection and
credit checks.

Affinity Education Group may further use and disclose confidential information provided to them when required by law or necessary to law enforcement to protect against serious or immediate pending threats to a child’s life or health. Affinity Education Group’s use of confidential information is always within the guiding principles of Education and Care
Services National Law 2010 (271-273)

Affinity Education Group ensures that all records and confidential information are protected as is reasonable in the circumstances against loss, unauthorised access, modification and other misuse, but accept no liability for its unintentional dissemination. Affinity Education Group will always endeavour to check that the accuracy of all confidential information held is up to date and complete, given reasonable circumstances surrounding for which the
information is used.

Affinity Education Group only divulges confidential information to third parties, provided that you have consented to the use of the information for the purpose intended.