Privacy Statement

Volunteer Collection Notice  

Who is collecting the information? 
Australian Red Cross Society (Red Cross) is collecting your information.  

Facts and circumstances of collection 
Your information is collected by Red Cross from you at the time you complete your application to participate as a volunteer. 

Is the collection being made because a law or Court order applies? 
No law or Court order applies to the collection of this information. 

Why does Red Cross need to collect this information? 
We need to collect this information so: 

  • we can determine your suitability to act as a volunteer; 

  • we can match you to current and future volunteering opportunities at Red Cross; 

  • we can complete all the necessary steps in preparing you for your onboarding as a volunteer should you be successful and accept the volunteer role available; and 

  • we can contact you about your current application or future volunteering opportunities. 

As part of our assessment process, we also require pre-start checks. These checks may include, but are not limited to, a police check, a working with children check, a health check and a check with regulatory authorities. We will tell you if we require more information from you and that information must be provided to us in order for your application to proceed. 

Please note that if you subsequently join Red Cross as a volunteer, any personal information we have collected will form part of your volunteer records with us. 

The primary purpose for which the information is being collected 
The primary purpose of collecting this information is to undertake and assessment of your application, and your appointment as a volunteershould you accept an appointment. 

The secondary purpose for which Red Cross is collecting this information 
The secondary purpose for collecting this information is: 

  1. to include your profile on our volunteer database and be contacted in future if volunteering opportunities arise that match your preferences or suit your skills and experience; 

  1. to manage your personal volunteer record, including assignments and roles, compliance, training, and awards; 

  1. to allow you to gain access to volunteer profile management platform/s 

  1. to allow you to gain access to rostering and messages related to activation or shifts and any other volunteer specific communications generally; 

  1. to include your name, email, and contact number on Red Cross training platform/s managed by third parties to enable you to gain access to training modules made available by Red Cross as part of volunteer onboarding or ongoing training;.and 

  1. to allow you to gain access to your credentials on self-sovereign identity management services, where available. 

Who are we likely to share this information with? 
The information you submit to us may be shared with: 

  • third parties for the purposes of assessing your application and onboarding, including in verifying your identity, undertaking or verifying a check conducted on your criminal history and your authorisation to work with children in relevant jurisdictions; 

  • other Red Cross and Crescent National Societies, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and organisations that work with Red Cross across the world, but only if the applicable volunteer role is required to work directly with the organisation;  

  • third party training platforms to allow you access to training modules and onboarding; and 

  • third parties relevant to the verification of credentials requested by you in relation to self-sovereign identity management services. 

Access and deletion 
You may update your profile from our volunteer recruitment system by accessing your account using your login at any time.  

Should you wish to have your profile removed from our volunteer recruitment system, please email your request to  

Information about accessing your information and requesting corrections is set out in the Red Cross Privacy Policy. 

Consent to use and collect personal and sensitive information 
As part of assessing your volunteer application, we may collect sensitive information from you. This may include information about your race, health, membership of trade or business associations and other information relevant to your application that is included in the category of “sensitive information” under the Privacy Act 1988. 

By submitting your application to act as a volunteer of Red Cross: 

  • you consent to Red Cross collecting, using and disclosing my personal information (including sensitive information) for the purposes set out in this statement 

  • you confirm you have read and understand this statement; 

  • you confirm that all the information you submit in your application (including any attachments) is true and complete; 

  • you understand that any false or misleading information you provide may lead to rejection of your application and accept that Red Cross may do so at its absolute discretion without cause. 

What happens if Red Cross doesn't collect this information? 
If Red Cross does not collect this information from you we will be unable to consider your application to volunteer. 

If we do not collect your name we will be unable to consider your application to volunteer. 

Will my information be stored offshore? 
Your information is stored in Australia by Australian Red Cross. Sometimes information technology organisations that we may disclose your information to are located outside Australia. For example, we may disclose your information to service providers in the United States. 

SA Information Sharing Guidelines 
If you are in South Australia this part applies to you. 

The SA Information Sharing Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Wellbeing (ISG) provides South Australian organisations and agencies with a clear and state-wide approach to appropriate sharing of personal information which actively promotes safety and wellbeing, whilst respecting privacy. 

Red Cross will seek and respect your consent to share information with another agency in all situations unless: 

  • We are obliged by law to disclose your information regardless of consent; or 

  • It is impracticable to seek your consent, or you have refused consent, but the disclosure  
    is reasonably necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to the life, health or safety  
    of a person or group of people. 

Privacy concerns and or requests for access to your personal information can be sent to Head of Legal, Australian Red Cross, 23-47 Villiers Street North Melbourne, VIC 3051. You may contact us by phone on +613 9345 1800 or email us at 

You may also make a privacy complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at 

A copy of the Red Cross Privacy Policy is available at