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Candidate Privacy Statement


Please read this Candidate Privacy Statement in full carefully. This document explains how Michael Hill Jeweller (Australia) Pty Limited, Emma & Roe Pty Ltd, Michael Hill Wholesale Pty Ltd, Michael Hill Manufacturing Pty Ltd and Michael Hill Group Services Pty Ltd. (Michael Hill) will handle personal information about you and it has important consequences for you in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information you provide to Michael Hill in considering your application for employment and employment with Michael Hill.

By continuing with your application, you agree for Michael Hill to conduct some or all pre-employment screening checks as part of our recruitment process. Your personal information will be held in accordance with the Australian legislative requirement.

This Candidate Privacy Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Michael Hill Privacy Policy.


Michael Hill collects and uses personal information about you in relation to your application for employment with Michael Hill.

Michael Hill Jeweller Limited is the entity who is collecting your personal information and can be contacted at or alternatively you can write to us at GPO Box 2922, Brisbane Qld 4001.

Michael Hill will collect personal information directly from you.  In certain circumstances Michael Hill may require to collect personal information from third parties, such as your financial institution, superannuation fund, referees, medical service providers or emergency services, other companies in the Michael Hill Group of Companies, our contractors, agents, partners, suppliers or other companies who may be involved in the products or services provided by Michael Hill, your job application or pre-employment screening checks. 

Michael Hill is collecting your personal information for the purpose of your application for employment and if successful, your ongoing employment with Michael Hill, including but not limited to:

  1. processing your application for employment, which includes but is not limited to:

      1. verifying your identity;

      2. confirming that you are qualified to work in Australia (as the context of your application requires), including if required, you birth certificate, citizenship certificate, photo ID and/or working visa.

      3. submission of your resume or CV;

      4. registration of a profile on our recruitment database;

      5. processing your request to receive and sending you job mail and email notifications of jobs that match your personal preferences you select; and

      6. contacting you in relation to another position with Michael Hill that becomes available for which you may wish to apply for;


  1. determining your suitability for employment with Michael Hill, including your suitability for further training programs and certifications;

  2. during our recruitment process, Michael Hill may conduct some or all of the following pre-employment screening checks:

      1. confirmation of education and / or previous employment;

      2. entitlement to work;

      3. reference checks;

      4. bankruptcy checks;

      5. criminal history checks;

      6. professional memberships;

      7. education verification;

      8. directorship search; and

      9. company checks;

  3. communicating with you in relation to your application for employment and ongoing employment with Michael Hill, including sending you emails, to your nominated personal email account where applicable, about Michael Hill;

  4. we may also contact you via your personal email address or other contact information provided if we need to communicate important messages to you such as, crisis situations;

  5. processing your pay, superannuation payments, leave entitlements, and other functions and activities associated with your employment with Michael Hill;

  6. contacting your next of kin in the case of emergency; and

  7. any other activities which are reasonably necessary in relation to your application for employment and your employment with Michael Hill, This may be for the purpose of your performance management and training including collection of CCTV footage of you in accordance with our company policy.

    and you acknowledge and agree to your personal information being collected and used for, and in connection with, these purposes. You consent to all of the above pre-employment screening checks.

In some instances, we may collect personal information from you which is unsolicited. If it is determined by Michael Hill that the personal information is not required, to the extent reasonable, we will destroy or de-identify the unsolicited personal information. In the event that the unsolicited personal information is required we may keep on our records and will hold as outlined below.

How we use and hold personal information  

We will only collect, use or disclose personal information for the primary purposes for which it was collected and consented to by you, as set out in our Privacy Policy, or as otherwise required or authorised by law. 

Your personal information is used to assess your suitability for the job/s you apply for with Michael Hill including building a talent pool of prospective candidates for jobs based on profile matches.

Once we collect your personal information, we will hold it securely and store it in electronic format on our database.

If we do not make an offer to you at this stage, unless you advise us otherwise, we will retain your information as an active file for a period of up to 12 months. After that time, your information will be archived. We may in the future contact you in the event that another position with Michael Hill becomes available for which you may wish to apply.

In some instances, Michael Hill will also use the software application, PageUp People, to collect and keep a record of your information (including personal information and employment history) to manage such information during the recruitment process and employment with Michael Hill, including to send you communications.

If it is determined by Michael Hill (in its absolute discretion) that the personal information is no longer required, we will destroy the information or ensure that the information is de-identified.

If you choose not to provide some of the personal information requested, or withhold details during the recruitment process it may affect our ability to consider you for employment.

If we do not collect this personal information, we may be unable to perform activities in connection with your application for employment and ongoing employment, such as processing your application, any necessary pre-employment screening checks and you may be unable to commence your employment with Michael Hill.


Your information (including personal details and employment history) may be shared with the following types organisations and people in connection with the purposes outlined above

      1. Michael Hill and its personnel and the Michael Hill Group of Companies;

      2. third party service providers such as, PageUp People Pty Ltd in relation to PageUp People provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), to assist us in the recruitment process and managing your information (including personal details and employment history);

      3. third parties to obtain the necessary pre-employment screening tests listed above, including external reference and background check companies and criminal history profilers, such as Pro Active Strategies Pty Ltd;

      4. psychometric service testing providers;

      5. referees;

      6. your financial institution and our financial institution;

      7. recruitment agencies;

      8. third parties such as insurance companies and support services

      9. training and education providers, such as AusNAC;

      10. our contractors, agents or third party providers of Michael Hill who may be involved in the services provided by Michael Hill or assist us in the recruitment process.

Any information we collect about you in future via this site, or otherwise in relation to the recruitment process, will be used and disclosed in the same manner as described above and in the Privacy Policy, unless we tell you otherwise in advance.

Cross Border Disclosure

It is possible that some of the information collected via this application may be disclosed to Michael Hill's related body corporate outside of Australia.  You consent to your information being disclosed to a destination outside Australia for this purpose, including but not limited to the jurisdictions set out in our Cross Border Disclosures Table and you understand and acknowledge that Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to such disclosures of your personal information.


We have taken steps to help ensure your personal information is safe and protected from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction and that it will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


If you have questions as to how your information is handled, your Michael Hill contact will be able to explain our process further to you.

Access and Correction

It is your responsibility to keep your login and password details private to prevent unauthorised access. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, at any time, you may access your account to update, make new applications, activate or deactivate your registration for job mail. To remove your account entirely from our records please contact our Recruitment Centre via email

You may request to access your personal information held by Michael Hill, however, in certain circumstances Michael Hill may not be able to provide you with the information you have requested. If we are unable to fulfil your request we will detail the circumstances why in writing.

If you want to know more about our privacy practices, or find out what information we have concerning you, including accessing and correcting your personal information and how to make a complaint if Michael Hill in relation the handling of your personal information please our Privacy Policy or contact us contact us at or the alternative details at the top of this document.


I consent to Michael Hill using and disclosing my personal information in the manner described above.

I acknowledge and agree that I have read and understand this Privacy Statement and Michael Hill's Privacy Policy.

I am qualified to work in Australia (as the context of your application dictates) and, if requested, can provide evidence of that fact (birth certificate, citizenship certificate, photo ID and/or working visa, as appropriate).

I acknowledge and understand that this privacy statement is not a term of your employment contract and is not contractually binding on Michael Hill. It is a statutory prescribed document and will apply in connection with your application for employment with Michael Hill.

All the information I submit via this site (including this form and any attached resume) is true and complete.

I understand that any false or misleading information I provide may lead to the rejection of my application, review of any employment I may accept with Michael Hill and potentially my dismissal from such employment.