Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

To apply an applicant for a position, please read the following terms and conditions:

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit the candidate's information if you do not have the candidate's explicit consent for the candidate's information to be dealt with in the ways described in this notice.

By submitting an applicant's personal information ("Candidate Information") to assist our company in conducting recruitment and selection activities, you declare and agree that:

  1. You are authorised and are acting on behalf of your organisation;
  2. You have obtained the candidate's consent to the supply of the Candidate Information to our company, its use by our company for recruitment and selection activities and its use for establishing records (should the candidate's application be successful);
  3. (If submitting for a specific vacancy) The candidate you are recommending has been briefed on the role by your organisation, has had access to a copy of the position description and provided with a thorough and realistic understanding of the position and our company;
  4. The Agency will represent our company in a professional and appropriate manner at all times to candidates; and
  5. The candidate you are recommending has been assessed by your organisation for suitability.

Do you agree to the terms of the terms and conditions statement?