Privacy Statement

Please read this statement carefully. By continuing with your application or registering an expression of interest with Spotless, you consent to and acknowledge the following:

1.     Acknowledge that Spotless will collect information (including personal information) about me for employment purposes, including consideration of my employment application in the recruitment process.

2.     Consent to providing Spotless with current photographic ID of myself at the interview.  This will be used in connection with my employment application.

3.    Consent to providing a copy of my current passport and visa approval to Spotless, if I am not an Australian citizen.

4.     Consent to Spotless confirming my legal entitlement to work in Australia or New Zealand, including obtaining details of  my visa subclass, work right status and visa expiry date from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), as necessary.

4.     Consent to Spotless checking any references provided or unsolicited in relation to my employment application (current employers excluded).

5.     Consent to Spotless verifying my qualifications with all relevant education institutions.

6.     Consent to undertaking a health assessment relevant to my employment application.

7.     Consent to Spotless if it requires obtaining a security check, criminal records check and/or any other checks relevant to my employment application with law enforcement agencies including the Police, Australian Customs and government agencies.

8.     Consent to Spotless disclosing your personal information to organisations involved in conducting probity checks such as third party suppliers.

9.     Consent to all the information described above being maintained in Spotless's records for employment purposes (including possible future positions). 

10.   Consent to all of the information described above, including results of any testing, being disclosed to Spotless for consideration in the recruitment process.

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