Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

To apply an applicant for a position, please read the following terms and conditions:

Important Note: Please DO NOT submit applicant information if you do not have explicit permission from the applicant that their details are able to be submitted to John Holland Group Pty Ltd and any of its related bodies corporate, and alliance or joint venture partners.

By submitting an applicant's information, including contact details and application data to John Holland Group Pty Ltd (the Company) and any of the Company's related bodies corporate, [service providers – and alliance or joint venture partners (the Recipients) on behalf of your organisation (the Agency), the Agency represents and warrants it has obtained explicit permission from the applicant allowing each of the Recipients to use the applicant's information (including personal information) for the purpose of Recruitment.

The purpose of Recruitment includes:

  • Assessing the application for employment in accordance with the Company's recruitment and administrative practices (including interviewing, psychometric assessment and reference checking);
  • Communicating with the applicant in relation to the application;
  • Complying with any legal or regulatory obligations; 
  • If the applicant's application is successful, retaining the applicant information as part of the applicant's employment records;
  • If the applicant is unsuccessful, retaining the applicant's information on file and
  • Monitoring and reviewing the Company's recruitment practices.

In carrying out the above activities, the applicant's information may be used, controlled and processed by any office of the Company and/or any other Recipient worldwide and transferred to jurisdictions that may or may not have data protection laws.

The applicant may request access to the applicant's information (and request the correction of any incorrect information) at any time by contacting the Company at

Terms and Conditions of Submission

By submitting an applicant for a position, the Agency  agrees to be bound by these terms and to be bound by the contract that it currently has in place with the Company with respect to the provision of any fee.

The Agency also acknowledges and agrees to the following:

·    The Company will recruit in its own right, including press ads, Internet job boards, information sessions, technical press ads/articles etc. Agencies may advertise anywhere they choose at their cost. The use of the name of the Company or of any other Recipient must be approved prior to any advertisement being placed and only publicly available information may be used in the ads.

·    The Agency must make no claim, explicit or implied, that it "represents" the Company nor use the Company logo unless agreed.

·    The applicant has been interviewed by the Agency and has given express permission for the Agency to represent the applicant in this position and to provide the applicant's information to the Company and Recipients as contemplated by these terms;

·    The applicant has been briefed on the position by the Agency, and has been provided with a thorough and realistic knowledge of the position;

·    The Agency must comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements (including, but not limited to, data protection, privacy and anti-discrimination legislation and regulations);

·    The Agency must not submit applicants for any vacancies that are described as "Expressions of Interest" or marked as "No applications will be considered from recruitment agencies";

·    Neither the Company nor any other Recipient will pay any fee to the Agency if the applicant the Agency is submitting has earlier been provided to these companies from another source, has applied directly for a specific role or opportunity with the Company or is a current employee of the Company, a Recipient, Thiess or Leighton Holdings;

·    After a period of 3 months the application and any applicable fee payable to the Agency will have lapsed;

·    The Agency must immediately notify the Company if the Agency becomes aware of a breach or possible breach of its obligations under these terms; and

·    The Agency indemnifies the Company and each Recipient against any loss or damage suffered by the Company or any Recipient resulting from: (a) a failure of the Agency to comply with its obligations under these terms; and (b) any claim or allegation by any applicant alleging a breach of any privacy or data protection law.

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