Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

To apply an applicant for a position, please read the following terms and conditions:

To submit a candidate for one of the vacancies on the MinterEllison Careers web site, your organisation must agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.   The candidate you are submitting has been interviewed by your organisation.

2.   The candidate you are submitting has been briefed on the vacancy they are being submitted for.

3.   The candidate you are submitting has given your organisation permission to represent them for this vacancy.

4.   Your organisation is compliant with all relevant Privacy and Anti-Discrimination legislation.

5.   Your organisation will not submit candidates for any vacancies described as "Expressions of Interest" or marked as "applications from agencies will not be considered at this time", unless you have express authorisation from the relevant resourcing consultant to do so.

6.   Your organisation accepts that MinterEllison will not pay any fee to you if the candidate you are submitting has already been provided to us previously from another source.

7.   The candidate has been provided with a copy of the below Privacy Statement:

Privacy Statement


The following statement is important and should be read carefully.

This statement summarises how MinterEllison collects, uses and manages personal information when carrying out recruitment activities. It also outlines the existence of various pre-employment checks that MinterEllison conduct to ensure that information provided by applicants is true, accurate and complete.


MinterEllison collects personal information from you in order  to provide you with current or future employment opportunities with our organisation. Your details will be stored in our database of candidates where they may be accessed in the future to determine if your qualifications, skills or experience match a potential vacancy.

MinterEllison also carries out a number of pre-employment checks as part of our recruitment process.  These checks may include some or all of the following:

·                   Reference checks with previous employers;

·                   Employment history verification;

·                   Police criminal records;

·                   Membership of professional associations;

·                   Entitlement to work;

·                   Identity check;

·                   ASIC search;

·                   Bankrupcy; and

·                   Media search

Incomplete data

If you do not provide all of the personal information that we request then we may be unable to communicate with you, process your application or offer you employment.


Your personal information may be disclosed to:

·                   other members of the MinterEllison Legal Group;

·                   referees nominated by you, to your former employers

·                   other companies or individuals who assist MinterEllison in providing services or who perform functions on its behalf, such as recruitment agencies;

·                   anyone else to whom you authorise MinterEllison to disclose it;

·                   anyone else where authorised by law.

These parties may be located overseas including our overseas offices, and third party providers located in countries including the United States and  India.


At any time you can access your account on the MinterEllison recruitment web site to update your personal information and your resume, to ensure that the information we hold is complete, accurate and up-to-date.  Our privacy policy contains information on how to access and correct your personal information.


We take significant measures to protect the database from access by unauthorised people. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your login details secure to prevent unauthorised access to your account.


Unless instructed otherwise we generally will keep the personal information of prospective employees provided for up to six years from the time the personal information was last provided or updated.  However, you may remove your personal information from our database at any time by closing your account, or by instructing us to remove it.

If you become an employee of MinterEllison, we will continue to store your personal information in accordance with our MinterEllison Employee Privacy Policy.


Our Privacy Policy is available here and contains information about how an individual can access his or her personal information, how to make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by us and how we will deal with such a complaint.

About us and our contact details

"MinterEllison" means MinterEllison Organisations. "MinterEllison Organisations" means MinterEllison's offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Beijing and Shanghai; MinterEllison's limited liability company in Ulaanbaatar; the partnerships licensed to use the MinterEllison name which include the offices in London and Hong Kong and the MinterEllison Revenue Group (a partnership which provides taxation advice and related services together with management services).

The "MinterEllison Legal Group" means each MinterEllison Organisation, the partnerships known as Minter Ellison in Adelaide and Darwin, MinterEllison - Gold Coast, and MinterEllison Rudd Watts in Auckland and Wellington.

If you have any questions about privacy related issues, please contact MinterEllison's Privacy Officer (Director of People & Development) on 1800 828 342. 

The information produced by these checks may lead us to discontinue your application for a current or future employment vacancy.

Do you agree to the terms of the terms and conditions statement?

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