Privacy Statement

Personal Information Protection Policy

The information which you provide in this form is collected for the purpose of informing your employment application and, if you register a profile on our recruitment database, to match you to any future positions matching your profile. The information will only be passed on to persons involved in making determinations about your employment. If you do not provide all of the information which the form seeks, your application for employment may not be considered. You may at any future time access the information in accordance with Right to Information Act 2009.

Reference: Right to Information Act 2009.
If you have questions as to how your information is handled, the Department contact will be able to explain our process further to you.

During our recruitment process, the Department may conduct some or all of the following checks, if these relate to the vacancy you are being considered for:

  • Residency/Work Visa details and checks;
  • Essential requirements (see statement of duties);
  • Pre-employment - conviction check - (for some roles (see statement of duties) and the check would only be undertaken if you are the preferred applicant);
  • Reference checks;

In agreeing to this statement you understand that providing false information or withholding information relevant to employment in the State Service may result in the withdrawal of an offer of employment or dismissal.

Please Note
It is your responsibility to keep your login and password details private to prevent unauthorised access. At any time, you may access your account to update, make new applications, activate or deactivate your registration for job mail or to remove your account entirely from our records.