Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

To apply an applicant for a position, please read the following terms and conditions:

Agency Privacy Statement for Applicants


Please read carefully.  This document explains how Suncorp will handle personal information about you for the purpose of compiling your profile for potential future employment with us.  By responding to our email request and advising that you would like to be informed about current and upcoming opportunities at the Suncorp Group, you agree for Suncorp to conduct pre-employment screening checks as part of our profile process. 

Important note: In July 2022, Suncorp announced to the market that it had entered into an agreement to sell the Suncorp Bank business to Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) (the Sale). If you apply for a role that has been identified to transition to Suncorp-Metway Limited as part of the Sale (which is subject to regulatory and government approvals), you agree that Suncorp may provide your application details (which may contain your personal information) to ANZ if/when the Sale is finalised if (a) the recruitment process is still under way; or (b) your application for the relevant role is successful. Where applicable, details regarding the collection of this information by ANZ, and the purposes for which ANZ may use this information will be notified to you in a collection notice that will be provided by ANZ as soon as reasonably practicable if/when the Sale is finalised. You also acknowledge that if/when the Sale is finalised, ANZ may conduct pre-employment screening checks as part of their profile process.

Your personal information will be held by Suncorp in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Privacy Acts as applicable.


What is 'Suncorp'?

Suncorp is the name we use to describe the companies that form the Suncorp Group.  The Suncorp Group is the owner of a group of companies that offer a range of finance products and services in banking, general insurance, life insurance, superannuation and investment products across Australia and New Zealand.


Employment with Suncorp is offered by the following companies:

  • Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited
  • Suncorp Insurance Services Limited
  • Suncorp Staff Pty Ltd. 



Suncorp collects personal information about you for the purpose of compiling a profile for potential future employment with Suncorp. We collect personal information:

  • By using written forms
  • Through contact over the telephone, mobile or other messaging technology
  • Via the internet, including websites and social media; and/or
  • In person-to-person contact directly from you (e.g., meetings or providing products and services through branches, offices or service centres).
  • from publicly available sources of information and/or
  • from other persons or organisations (including related and third parties). 


By agreeing to Suncorp creating a profile for potential future employment with Suncorp and electing to receive job mail, you are opting to receive email notification of jobs that match the profile we have created.  In creating a profile and/or during our recruitment process, Suncorp may collect personal information about you by conducting some or all of the following pre-employment screening checks:

  • Confirmation of education and/or previous employment
  • Entitlement to work
  • Reference checks
  • Bankruptcy
  • Professional memberships
  • Education verification
  • Directorship search
  • Company checks
  • Superannuation trustee checks.

Suncorp may also collect sensitive information about you by conducting a criminal history check and may by asking you questions in relation to your health status.


Use and Disclosure

Your personal information is used to assess your suitability for the job/s you apply for, to contact you and for the purpose of building a talent pool of prospective candidates for jobs based on profile matches. If you do not provide us with your personal information we may not be able to consider your application or offer you employment.

If we do not have any suitable roles for consideration by you we will retain your information as an active file for a period of up to 12 months – and we may in the future contact you in the event that another position becomes available for which you may wish to apply, unless you advise us otherwise. After that time, your information will be deleted or de-identified as appropriate. Your personal information (including your employment history) may be shared with our third-party providers to assist in the recruitment process and to assist in determining your suitability for employment within Suncorp.  All of our third-party providers are required to comply with the Australian and New Zealand Privacy Acts as applicable.  The types of organisations your details may be forwarded to include, but are not limited to:

  • Criminal history profilers
  • Psychometric service testing providers
  • External reference check companies.

We may also provide your personal information to other related bodies corporate within the Suncorp Group, and if the role you have applied for is a role identified to transfer with the sale of the Bank, we will provide your personal information to ANZ closer to completion of the Sale.


Your Personal Information and our marketing practices

Every now and then, we might let you know – including via mail, SMS, email, telephone or online – about news, special offers, products and services that may be of interest (i.e., direct marketing). To do so, we and our service providers may combine the personal information held about you.       


We will do this unless you tell us otherwise.  You can contact us to update your marketing preferences at any time.


Overseas Disclosure

We may send your personal information overseas. Instances when we will do this include:

  • when you have asked us to do so, or we have your consent;
  • when we are authorised or required by law or a court/tribunal to do so;
  • when we have outsourced a business activity or function to an overseas service provider; and
  • certain electronic transactions.

Countries to which we may disclose your personal information include India, New Zealand, China, The Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


Storage and Security of your Personal Information

We will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will store your personal information in:

  • Computer systems
  • Electronic databases
  • Digital records
  • Telephone recordings
  • Hard copy or paper files.

These storage mechanisms may be managed in a number of ways.  They may be managed or administered internally by a company in the Suncorp Group and may be held locally in Australia. Alternatively, they could be managed by a third party storage provider with whom Suncorp Group has a contractual relationship and may be either managed locally and/or overseas.



If you have questions as to how your information is handled, your Suncorp recruitment contact will be able to explain our process further to you.


Access and Correction

It is your responsibility to keep your login and password details private to prevent unauthorised access to your account.  At any time, you may access your account to update/correct your profile and/or resume, make new applications, activate or deactivate your registration for job mail. To remove your account entirely from our records please contact our Recruitment Team via email or refer to the Privacy Policy. 

You may request access to the personal information about you held by Suncorp. If you would like to request access to the personal information we hold about you, you should contact us.  If we are unable to fulfil your request, we will provide you with reasons, in writing.

You have the right to request us to correct any inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading personal information about you. You can contact us to request a correction to the personal information we hold about you. We will take such steps that are reasonable in the circumstances, having regard to the purpose for which your personal information is held, to make a correction.


The Suncorp Group Privacy Policy (as amended from time to time) (Privacy Policy) sets out more information on how you can access and correct your personal information.  



The Privacy Policy contains information on how you can complain about a breach by us of privacy law, and how we will deal with such a complaint.  

If you want to know more about our privacy practices, or find out what information we have concerning you, please contact us at or refer to the Privacy Policy. 

Do you agree to the terms of the terms and conditions statement?